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We rescued a young lab, Harper, that had been abused and abandoned. We knew she needed guidance and training – our vet recommended Kevin Mac. We met with Kevin and discussed our hopes and desires. Since Kevin's training philosophy is founded on positive reinforcement, it was the right match for us.
We joined Kevin's training sessions on weekends and learned his methods, both on and off leash.
Harper is a joy! We also adopted a bulldog, Barlow. Kevin trained him as well. Thank you Kevin!

Training two dogs together like Harper & Barlow is a great idea - Kevin Mac


Kevin has trained two dogs for me! What a difference! A trained dog is truly a happy dog. Kevin also provided me with the necessary skills for a lifetime of success! He truly is the dog whisperer!

Dog Milo is calm in the car, a true road companion - Kevin Mac


Kevin has trained several dogs for us, and earned their CDs. If you are lucky enough to get into Kevin’s training program, don’t pass up the best training you will find for both you and your dog. He is amazing – truly an animal whisperer – REALLY!

Dog Piper wins canine good obedience class - Kevin Mac

99.9% of my business is based on referrals, which thankfully keeps me busy. 

Please email or call to schedule your dog's training well in advance.


Kevin's training changed our young, unsocialized, sheltered dog, Halley into a wonderful people-friendly (and dog-friendly) cherished family member. Before training, she was always ready to bolt, trusting no one, especially men. Halley is now comfortable, responsive, and obedient to this day ... 14 years later!

Training your dog to be a friendly companion - Kevin mac with Halley


Your name is the only recommendation we have for others and their pups. Thank you for all you have done for us and Roo. This experience has been more than we could have ever imagined and we are so excited to have our transformed pup home.

Your dog will sit and stay on command - Kevin Mac


My sweet girl, Maggie, has crossed over the rainbow bridge.  One of the hardest times - she was my constant

Kevin, you were a huge part in molding this gentle soul.  Thank you for all you do for our fur babes. 

By the way, Charlie is an amazing companion – much due to all of your training!

Even old dogs can learn new commands, like Maggie. Heel, come, sit, down and stay - Kevin Mac
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